Photography and Video Policy

Kingdom Overflow is part of St. Luke’s Cranham Park Registered charity no 1128304

As part of our ongoing work at Kingdom Overflow, we aim to use media such as video and/or photographs for the ongoing growth of our projects.  This media will be used for both in house purposes, and for the publicity of events and ministries via social media.

Equipment and authorised people

All images and video will only be captured by specific authorised people using Church owned equipment on behalf of Kingdom Overflow.  Members of team are not permitted to capture video or take photos with their personal equipment without specific written consent.

Consent for image capture/recording

In the main, Kingdom Overflow will seek to capture appropriate video/photographs that focus on group activities rather than an individual, and will take reasonable steps to ensure that images are captured with the prior consent of individuals through;

  1. Inclusion of photography/video consent in registration process for Overflow Football, Overflow Dance and Overflow Hub
  2. Specific photography consent forms for one off events E.g. Residentials and Socials
  3. Communication of clearly labelled ‘recording areas’ using static cameras at Kingdom Overflow services.

Occasionally, there may be opportunities for shots focusing on individuals, or for people to speak to a camera to share experiences, feelings, and feedback on events that they have partaken in.  This will only be done with specific written consent taken prior to recording.  No person will be coerced
into taking part in any recording of any nature.

Storage of media

All photos/videos taken with Kingdom Overflows equipment will be kept secure and protected on dedicated SD cards, and stored in a safe with limited access when equipment is not in use.  Source
Images or video will not be directly shared with third parties, or accessible by individuals outside of the specific Kingdom Overflow team.

Reproduction of stored images and video

In the event of the use of images or video containing an individual, the individual in question will be notified and given opportunity to review the use of their image.  Under 18 year olds will Never be identified by name.