Our Congregation

Kingdom Overflow is…

Kingdom Overflow is our church congregation for an emerging generation. We believe that God is calling us to meet with and build genuine relationships with the people of this area and introduce them to an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe people are changed when they encounter Him.
Kingdom Overflow is Spirit led meaning we don’t want to be running the way the services go on a Sunday evening, we want the Holy Spirit to take over and meet with and heal the people who are there.


We believe all things flow from our worship to God, as we worship we encounter God and are equipped for great things. Our response to His loves for us is to love Him back, all our services involve worship, giving back to Him for everything He has done for us.


Input – We want to explore the word of God deeper, we have talks every week equipping, challenging and passionately sharing what God is calling us to do and how God wants us to live. God’s grace is deeper than our failures and no matter who we are God wants to use us to do impossible and amazing things for Him.


What is worship?

Worship is our expression of adoration and praise to God. In worship, we focus our attention on God and switch off from the things around us. In fact, our whole lives should be focused on worship because it is a way of life, and not just something to do at church.

Why do we worship?

It is a way of communicating both to, and with God. We can thank Him for all the things He has blessed us with or pray for a specific worry in our life, but worship also allows God to speak to us. It can be a kind of conversation.

How do we worship?

There are many forms of worship. Sung worship is one example; singing songs with lyrics of praise, adoration and thanks, helps us to focus our worship on God and what He has done for us. There are many other aspects of church and being a Christian that are also forms of worship. For example: prayer, reading the Bible and evangelism. Basically, anything that is centred on God is worship!

Want to know more or get involved? Get in contact with Tom or one of the worship leaders . Check out the other ministries too.


We’re called to make disciples of all nations and heal the sick while we do that. So…

What is evangelism?

Evangelism is something that makes most people get filled with fear and a general stereotype of someone shouting the gospel to people on the streets… we believe otherwise. At Kingdom Overflow evangelism is all about relationship. The Bible says that we’re to love one another with all of our hearts, soul, mind and strength. Jesus has 12 disciples, whom He spends hours upon hours with. He listens, guides and goes for meals with them… he has a genuine relationship with these guys!

Jesus tells us to do the same, to build relationships, disciple people and as we spend time with one another go out in Jesus’ name and heal the sick on the streets.

Jesus want’s His name to be known among all the nations and He makes that fun. The Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us, so we can also go and see the dead raised, the sick healed and people set free from demons! How do we do that? We go and take steps of faith. Jesus loves it when we take risks for Him, praying for people on the streets no matter what the outcome, because when we do we’re hugely blessed.

So how can you get involved? Get in contact with our Evangelism Pastor