Passionate about Leadership…

One of the things that has become increasingly clear to us as a church is that good leadership is important – not perfect leadership, because that’s impossible – but also that good leadership is entirely different to being a good leader. We strongly believe that being a leader is not about being the person who stands at the front of everyone every week, but that it’s a team of people whose main purpose is to help other people get closer to God and discipling and equipping others.

People who look to be a leader because of the title “leader” are not looking at it from the right perspective; being a leader is more about being a good influence on those around you, so much so that they see what you’re like and decide that they want to follow you because of your values and commitment to God. The key to being a good leader is in the word “integrity”. Integrity as a leader means that you are the same person at church as you are everywhere else. As soon as you work on your integrity, people start to notice that you are totally focused on God and want to lead more people to Him. People are more likely to respond to someone who they actually see living a life of love and integrity, than someone who stands at the front with a badge saying “Leader” and speaks meaningless words at them for ages. After all, as the saying goes – actions speak louder than words!

Whether you’re young or old, on a team or just wanting to grow in your walk of faith… these pages are designed for you. Blogs, diaries, events and resources all specifically aimed towards growing as leaders. Take a look and see! Is God calling you to do something?