Overflow Cafe

The Overflow Café. A fun place to hang out, talk to your friends and buy some of the best chocolate around. With good music, games, bands, community and all the awesome people there, The Overflow Café is the best way to spend your Friday night!


As well as being an awesome place to hang out, the Overflow Café has many more events that are on each week. To find out more about what the next event is or to find out what else is happening with The Overflow Café then join our group on Facebook.

Twitter fan? Then follow us on Twitter: @KingdomOverflow

Gaming and Football

The Overflow Café has gaming nights with a ton of cool games and gaming consoles, as well as football and basketball events. Feel like relaxing, then go and chill out on the Xbox, want to win some games of Basketball? Then go and shoot some hoops.

When and Where?

The Overflow Café is on the first 3 Friday nights of every month from 8:00PM till 10:30PM. The Café takes place in St Luke’s Church in Cranham