Mission & Values

Kingdom Overflow is a youth ministry – and in everything we do it’s all about Church! Doesn’t sound like church? Well we try not to be too much like your everyday sort ….. We’re all about young people, all about this generation …. and that doesn’t have to look like the Church that other people do ……

What is Church?!?

It’s a simple question with many answers ……
Church can come in many forms, and at Kingdom Overflow there is only one form of church we want to see ….. the form that comes from the hearts of the young people involved.
Worship styles and songs that are written and shaped by young people ….
Loving community that is shaped and formed by young people …..
Welcome to OUR Church. It’s not just church for young people. It’s church with, by and through young people.

We aim to see Young people thriving

Our Mission

‘Transformation in the lives of young people’

In a world of growing needs amongst young people – soaring mental health figures, increased isolation, and severe funding cuts to youth services – there is a growing need for accessible support for young people.

We aim to bring transformation into the lives of Young People in 3 ways;

  1. Transforming Church
    • Investing in Young people and Young adults as participants and leaders that shape the church
    • Church that is for, by and through young people, allowing them to get involved, share their ideas, and use their gifts and style to define what Church looks like.
  2. Transforming Youth Community
    • Investing in creating high quality spaces for young people to belong; enabling ALL young people to have somewhere to be, something to do, and someone to talk to
    • Community venues, sports projects and arts projects that are free for Young People to access, be involved in, and shape with us
  3. Transforming young lives
    • Investing in the emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of Young people through extensive support networks and education.
    • Listening spaces, Mentoring programmes, accessible counselling networks and mental health support

Our Values

Each person has values that shape the culture they live by – these values are the 4 values we are aiming to be intentional and accountable towards in shaping the culture towards the vision.

Extreme Love

Extreme Love

‘Freely we’ve received, now freely we will give’

The bible says we should be known for our love, as Christians. The love of God is unconditional, over the top and full of splendour, and we need to shape what we do to communicate directly the love that is given to us.
Whether our young people are in the church or out in the world, we want them to know that we love them to the extreme – and we want them to see a church of young people pouring out love left right and centre in its community – before seeing that overflow into their daily lives.

Intimate Worship

Intimate Worship

Worship is important – through worship, not only do we give God the glory that he deserves, but beyond our understanding we are welcomed into Gods presence and he meets with us.
However we worship God, whether through art, music, word, dancing, or anything else – we are looking to grow into more freedom and more intimate times with God – when we’re in Gods presence our hearts come alive and are transformed.

Expectant Pursuit

Seeking Encounter

It’s all about relationship with God – As a church we want to raise Kids who are hungry for more of Gods glory to fall in our midst. He is the answer to everything – he has the Supremacy. We need Gods Holy Spirit to bring teaching alive in our hearts and to transform us – that’s the only way we will see growth as a group or as individuals – and young people are no exception!

Overflowing Out

Active Participation in Ministry

‘If you love Jesus, and breathe oxygen – he can use you’

Jesus uses those who put themselves in a place to be used – we want to see Young people equipped to move in ministry and express there hearts to God their way, and to see young leaders raised to look for where they can be used by God. This isn’t just a ministry for young people; it’s a ministry of young people – all encouraged to minister to each other and with each other.